HER ROYAL MAJESTY : Launch of issue 10
Her Royal Majesty is is a quarterly literary and arts magazine devoted to publishing excellent new artwork. Edited, designed and defined by a collection of writers and artists living in Paris, the magazine is creating a space for a new generation of international artists to express itself unconstrained by form or genre. 

We publish paintings, photographs, images of sculptures, lithography, wood block prints, pen-and-ink drawings, collections of found objects, embroidery; we print fiction, flash fiction, poetry, prose poetry, recipes, lists, thought maps, translations, interviews and more. 

Submissions from all are welcome; visit our website for more information and to read all of the back issues in pdf format. 
(video to come)
Her Royal Majesty was founded by Harriet Alida Lye in Halifax in September 2008 and has grown from a zine designed to serve the local community into an international literary arts magazine. This publication is published in print and online, and established on a non-profit economic model. Copies are available for purchase in bookstores all over; they are printed in a limited edition which includes a signed piece of original art. Email halifaxroyalmajesty [at] gmail.com for backstock and information on the latest issue. 

Our fundraising campaign is aiming to develop the print side of the magazine and to extend the reach of our subscriptions. Please consider making a donation to help cover the costs of this publication, subscribe to a year's worth of beautiful magazines, and enable us to continue providing an engaging and tightly curated publication.
Each issue is bound by hand and each edition is different; here, issue seven, was enclosed in an envelope and sealed with wax.
Hand-binding the first print issues in Halifax, 2008.

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