HER ROYAL MAJESTY : Launch of issue 10

Launch party for the 10th issue of Her Royal Majesty

Her Royal Majesty, quarterly literary and arts magazine, will be celebrating the launch of its tenth issue with an exhibition at Galerie Iconoclastes showing some of the artwork published in the magazine.  The opening evening is on Thursday, March 24th and the show will go through to Sunday, March 27th. 

Thursday's vernissage will include a champagne reception and live concert. The latest issue of the magazine will be for sale in a limited edition; all issues include a piece of original artwork. A percentage of all works sold will be donated to cover the costs of the magazine and continue publication of this independent, non-profit enterprise. 

ADDRESS: Galerie Iconoclastes, 20 rue Danielle Casanova, 75002, Métro 3/7/8 Opéra,
Métro 7/14 Pyramides. 

Use this interactive map to find your way to the gallery.
Artwork from previous issues.